December 14, 2016

Hi, friends. When Renee and I started W+G, it was partly because we couldn't find accessories that we wanted. Because of this, we tend to design our pieces so that they can be versatile, and the customer can wear it however she/he desires. Below, I will demonstrate how I took a few of our wraps, and wore them in oh so many ways.


STEP 1: PURCHASE EVERY NECKLACE THAT WE MAKE :)... Or, just get 1 or 2. That should work too... Here, I started with our DRUZY BEADED WRAP and HEMATITE BEADED WRAP. I just threw them on and let them hang long. I happen to already have had on our CHAIN TASSEL NECKLACE, so I left that too. This beauty is just PERFECT with anything. It's so amazingly delicate, yet has a nice stand out quality as well. I decided to then add our THIN LEATHER WRAP (with Druzy stone). Wrapped that baby around my neck 3 times, so it became a choker. Genius, I know.  PS - I always have on our BEADED BODY CHAIN. This little sucker hasn't left my body since July. Always, I mean ALWAYS, wear a body chain.

leather choker wren and glory


Here I took off the HEMATITE BEADED WRAP, and changed up the DRUZY BEADED WRAP to wrap around my neck 3 times. For the THIN LEATHER WRAP (with Druzy stone), I wrapped that around just one, gave it a loose tie at the neck, and done. Or, you can leave the leather pieces open and hanging.


WAIT. Another suggestion... Make a loose, low knot with the THIN LEATHER WRAP. #smart


And here, we took off the THIN LEATHER WRAP, and we added a customer favorite. Our LEATHER AND METAL NECKLACE. So many ways to wear this one. Here, I just wrapped it around my neck a few times and tied it loosely at the top. OH! I also changed around the DRUZY BEADED WRAP here, just doubling it so the top layer is close to the neck, and the rest just casually hangs.

leather choker

OK, want more? Here..... Now I just left the leather from our METAL AND LEATHER NECKLACEopen and dangling. CHILL AF.wren and glory

ONE MORE. Took off the Leather and Metal Necklace. Put back on the HEMATITE BEADED WRAP, and tripled that sucker up for a choker look. Left DRUZY BEADED WRAP doubled once, with top piece at neck, and lower piece LONG. Guys, DO THIS EVERYDAY. 

wren and glory


We'll be putting out some more info on layering shortly. In the meantime, wear a body chain everyday.